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Five Villages

The village of Freienbach neighbours the towns of Pfäffikon and Bäch on Lake Zurich. The village gave its name to the political municipality of Freienbach, which also includes the villages of Bäch, Hurden, Pfäffikon, and Wilen.
The nursing centre Pfarrmatte is situated near the lake. Athletes appreciate the generous Chrummen sports facility, where the Swiss national football team has also trained. The lakeshore swimming area is a popular place to hang out and meet friends.
The Schwerzi industrial area is home to numerous businesses and jobs.

Hurden, originally a fishing village, was first mentioned in 1229 and is now part of the municipality of Freienbach in the canton of Schwyz. The late Gothic Chapel of Our Lady was dedicated in 1497. Like the inns, the chapel primarily served pilgrims on their way to Einsiedeln.

Pfäffikon is a small city and the capital of the political municipality of Freienbach in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. Together with Wollerau, Pfäffikon is also the capital of the Höfe district and is considered the centre of the Ausserschwyz (Outer Schwyz) region. Pfäffikon lies in the Obersee (Upper Lake Zurich) agglomeration currently under development and will represent a centre of the agglomeration, together with Rapperswil-Jona.
diverse centre
The former farming village is now known as a centre for services, education, culture, recreation, and business. With more than 7,000 inhabitants.
The two town halls, Schloss (Castle) and Dorf (Village), which serve as the seat of the authorities and administration of the municipality of Freienbach, are located in Pfäffikon. Pfäffikon is also home to one of the two fire department bases of the canton, a cantonal school, and the Office of Motor Vehicles.

Wilen SZ is a village in the municipality of Freienbach. Wilen merges into Wollerau and shares its postal code, but belongs politically to the municipality of Freienbach.
Wilen is a stop on the SOB train line Arth-Goldau – Pfäffikon – Rapperswil and on the bus line Pfäffikon – Samstagern. The community has a primary school and a kindergarten.
Wilen is a pure residential village with only few businesses and no industry. It is composed of the residential quarters of Eulen, Fällmis, and Breiten.

Bäch is an extended street village on upper Lake Zurich. The village of Bäch belongs to the political municipality of Freienbach. The first historical records of Bäch (Bachiu) date back to 972. In the late Middle Ages, Bäch was famous for its sandstone quarries. The sandstone was exported with boats to Zurich and other destinations. Later, Bäch was a centre for several significant but short-lived industries such as the salt trade, a mint, a paper mill, a textile factory, and a brewery. Today, Bäch is a residential village with little industry but several renowned restaurants (fish specialities). An especially beautiful area is Bächau with a picturesque marina and proud villas.