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Castle Tower in Pfäffikon Leutschenhaus in Freienbach island of Ufnau


The villages of Bäch, Freienbach, Hurden, Pfäffikon, and Wilen make up the municipality of Freienbach. Freienbach is situated at the foot of the Etzel mountain on the shore of Lake Zurich. Freienbach is the largest municipality in the canton of Schwyz.

Residents, businesses, and guests appreciate its attractive location on upper Lake Zurich and its good access to the motorway and public transport. The recreation areas in the vicinity, the lower tax rates, and the openness of the authorities contribute to the sense of well-being. 

The nearby city of Zurich and the greater Lake Zurich region offer a wide range of high quality recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities. The municipality of Freienbach itself is an educational and professional training centre of regional significance.

Numerous international corporations and smaller regional enterprises favour Freienbach as a business location. International financial service providers are a particularly strong sector.

Municipal policy focuses on the quality of living. Municipal development is based on five fundamental values: liveability, liveliness, sustainability, innovation, and partnership. These values characterise life and work in the municipality of Freienbach.